"The village of Chincoteague Virginia, is part of a long stretch of barrier islands that separates the eastern
shore of Maryland and Virginia from the Atlantic Ocean.  Years back, most everyone around Chincoteague worked
on the water.  Fortunately, there are still many reminders of Chincoteague's long relationship with the sea.  Watermen
still play an important role in the areas economy, and most of them continue to use the boat named after their home
town, The Chincoteague Scow.   Like most surviving boat designs that originated long ago,  the Chincoteaque Scow
has endured because there have been few changes either in the need of the people who use it, or the conditions
under which they are used.  Shallow draft, for instance has contributed to the continued success of the scow on the
Eastern Shore where most of the fishing and hunting is still done in these waters." 


Proven Design

     The Chincoteague Dead Rise Scow or Garvey,  has been use for generations by Eastern Shore watermen and
sportsmen for commercial fishing, clamming, crabbing, netting and gunning.  Known for its extremely shallow draft
and stability the Chincoteague can  navigate waters inaccessible to many other boats.  Now FIBER TECH is 
manufacturing this proven design in hand laid fiberglass.  Each layer of fiberglass material is glassed by hand giving
more control of glass-to-resin ratio.  This means a stronger safer hull with uniformity for strength and durability.

Performance with Durability

     The Chincoteague 16', 18' and 20' are especially attractive to those who want a rugged boat they can depend
upon.  A boat that will withstand demands of the waterman and sportsman when they need that extra endurance
that only high quality construction can provide.

Custom Outfitting


     We will custom outfit your boat, including color, custom consoles, steering, storage compartments, seats or other
modifications as required.


    Size                        16 ft.                    18 ft.                20 ft.
      LOA                               15'11"                         18'3"                     20'3"
      Beam                             68"                              78"                        83"
      Cockpit Depth              18"                              19"                        20"
      Freeboard                     14"                              15"                       16"
      Hull Weight                   600 lbs.                       850 lbs.               1100 lbs.
      Maximum Horsepower    60 hp                        115 hp                no limitation
      Minimum Horsepower       6 hp                          25 hp                   35 hp






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